Spring Flowers


A spate of milder weather brings out the spring blossoms. Time to get out and draw! First we talk about some of the flower parts: stem, leaves, and petals. The students went out over two days to draw flowers in the garden. The same flowers were also brought into the classroom for closer observation and comparison.

It was incredible how engaged the students were during this activity, and the care they took in drawing their flowers. The students are working on their “kid-writing” – sounding out words in their writing. (Sometimes the teacher helps by transcribing some of the students’ thoughts.)


The students did their writing in small groups with a teacher present. This facilitated vocabulary development and direct comparison of the flowers.

What the students are learning:

  • the names and features of local plants
  • how to observe closely
  • to share our observations orally and in writing
  • language used for describing and comparing



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