C is for Crocus


I eagerly await three signs of approaching spring: snowdrops, robins, and crocus. In the week before spring break, I kept asking the students if they had seen these signs of spring. We are lucky have some flower beds at the front of the school that mysteriously blossom through spring, summer, and fall. (I think there are some “garden ninjas” in the community who stealthily tend to these beds.) In the last week, during a sudden sunny break in a week of grey, we squeezed in some time with our magnifying glasses and clipboards to get a look at the crocus up close.

IMG_0544 - Version 3 IMG_0545 IMG_0546

The last few days of Spring Break have been beautifully sunny and the good weather should continue into our first week back at school. More outdoor learning – here we come!

Happy Spring to everyone!